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Past Issues

Issue 9, 2022
Competitive Channels / Information Security Management / Platform Business Models and Sustainablization in the Energy Sector / Consumer Deception through Greenwashing / Green Public Procurement / Communication in Cartels / Anchoring Bias / Ukrainian Workers in the EU

Issue 8, 2021
Green Covid recovery of the EU basic materials sector / Evaluation of driving restriction policies / Private retirement provision in Germany / Effects of family history and parrental narratives on children's discriminatory behavior / COVID-19 and pro-sociality / Failure in choosing the dominant strategy / Price comparison websites

Issue 7, 2021
Market concentration in the EU / Cartel formation with open communication  / Market tipping in digital markets / BCCP Online Panel 2021 / Cross-platform signaling in the sharing economy  / Achieving algorithmic fairness / Minimum wages and consumer preferences for fair treatment of workers / Exposure to inequality and public goods / Effects of alcohol ban on injury-related mortality

Issue 6, 2020
Transparency and trust in AI Systems / Antisocial online behavior detection / Online advertising for donations / Airbnb and rents / Intellectual property rights and the development of new drugs / Risk segmentation in health insurance markets / Taxes on unhealthy food / Identifying and addressing all forms of discrimination / Political corruption in the execution of public contracts / Special Focus: BSE Insights on the Corona Crisis / BCCP Opinions: Google/Fitbit Merger / BCCP Virtual Mini-Conference 2020

Issue 5, 2020
Greenhouse gas emission disclosure / Green public procurement / Market size restrictions / Merger efficiency gains / Behavior-based pricing with endogenous privacy / Scarcity cues in online booking / Willful ignorance / Income expectations and indebtedness / Special Focus: BSE Insights on the Corona Crisis / Special Panel Session of the Virtual Digital Economy Seminar on Merger Policy in Digital Markets

Issue 4, 2019
Efficiency in mergers / European merger control / Common ownership / Mobility of R&D workers / Behavioral response to epidemics / Beliefs and self-control / Rising longevity gap / Machine learning and antibiotic resistance / BCCP Conference and Policy Forum 2019

Issue 3, 2018
Special focus: Privacy / Big data and recommendation quality / Paternalistic taxation / Soft drink taxes / Gender discrimination / Boni and moral hazard / Welfare stigma / Short-term incentives and performance / BCCP Conference and Policy Forum 2018

Issue 2, 2017
Behavioral effects of deadlines / Smoking bans / Game theory and collusion / Certification and donations / Procurement under budget constraints / BCCP Conference and Policy Forum 2017

Issue 1, 2017
Data-driven markets / Donations / Net neutrality / Legal uncertainty as a selective deterrent / Fundraising / E-procurement under the threat of corruption / Crowdfunding / “Shopping for a better world” / BCCP Conference and Policy Forum 2016