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DIW Graduate Center Minicourse by Kevin Tran (University of Bristol)

DatesSeptember 01, 2022 - September 02, 2022
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September 01, 2022 Open Details
September 02, 2022 Open Details

DIW Graduate Center Minicourse by Kevin Tran (University of Bristol)

Topic:Introduction to Web Scraping

This short course is meant to give an overview over the most common web scraping techniques. The idea is to have an interactive course in which the participants get their hands on actual code and work with it. Therefore, please bring your own computers, if possible. The main aim is to cover several approaches that are needed to scrape different types of data from different websites. In the end, participants should have an idea of how to approach the task of web scraping any website they are interested in. As an exercise spanning the entirety of the course, participants are encouraged to choose a website that they are interested in and try to build a scraper using the codes and knowledge they gain during the course.

Course information can also be found on the GC Masterclasses and Minicourses website.

If you are interested in attending the course, please send an email to Daniela Centemero (dcentemero(at) for registration. This GC Minicourse will take place at DIW Berlin, "Ferdinand-Friedensburg" Room no. 2.3.001. The capacity of the venue is limited and we accept registrations for the available spots on a first-come, first-served basis. 

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