Legal uncertainty as a selective deterrent

By Matthias Lang

Legal uncertainty is prevalent. Consider uncertainty about the legality of a specific action: when taking the action, a firm does...

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How buyers avoid a negative self-image when asked to donate and what it means for fundraisers

How we behave when asked for donations while buying concert tickets online 

People like to think about themselves in good terms....

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How to design e-procurement systems for public procurement under the threat of corruption?

By Andreas Asseyer

Many essential goods such as infrastructure, security or health services are provided by public institutions. The consumers of...

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Crowdfunding, Unsicherheit über die Nachfrage am Markt und Moral Hazard

Zu seiner sich im American Economic Review im Erscheinen befindenden Forschungsarbeit "A Theory of Crowdfunding - A Mechanism Design Approach with...

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Fusion Microsoft und LinkedIn: Die Zusammenführung der Nutzerdaten steht bevor

Ein Gastbeitrag von Nicola Jentzsch im Tagesspiegel

Die nächste Großfusion in der IT-Welt steht vor der Tür: Microsoft hat im Juni den Kauf des...

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Jetzt die Versandapotheken verbieten? Bitte nicht!

Ein Gastbeitrag von Tomaso Duso im Handelsblatt

Der Europäische Gerichtshof (EuGH) hat vergangene Woche die Preisbindung für rezeptpflichtige...

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Was wir über Steuern auf Softdrinks wissen

Es wird kontrovers diskutiert, ob Regierungen die Bürger durch fiskalische Konsumsteuerung zu einer gesünderen Lebensweise bewegen sollen. Fiskalische...

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"Shopping for a better world" only partially effective

More and more consumers are turning to ecological and fair trade products. In Germany, sales of organic products amounted to 8.62 billion Euro in...

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Big data: a challenge for financial supervisors and data protection authorities

An increasing number of FinTech companies in the EU and the US offer creditworthiness analyses based upon Big Data. Big Data describes massive amounts...

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Open access policy in broadband benefits consumers

Under an open access policy, incumbent broadband providers in all EU countries are required to let new market entrants access their networks through...

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Review: BCCP Conference and Policy Forum 2016

Focusing on digital markets and consumer privacy, the first annual Conference and Policy Forum of the Berlin Centre for Consumer Policies (BCCP) was...

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