Berlin Micro Theory Seminar

The SFBTR15@Berlin seminars take place at the WZB Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin (Room B004/005) on Mondays during the semester from 17:15-18:30. The seminar series is part of the SFB-TR15 "Governance and Efficiency of Economic Systems". Subscribe to the Google Calendar feed or download the ics-file for this seminar series.

Previous Events


The Impact of Price Discrimination in Markets with Adverse Selection

Assigning an unpleasant job without payment

Information Design: Insights from Orderings of Dependence and Heterogeneity

Liquidity benefits and bank capital requirements

Collusion in Auctions: An informed principal perspective

Evaluation Theory of Wage Growth

Competing Mechanisms in Markets for Lemons (joint wit S. Auster)

Optimal Sequential Decision with Limited Attention

Measuring the Effectiveness of Anti-Cartel Interventions: A Conceptual Framework

Cheap talk and commitment in Bayesian games