Berlin Behavioral Economics Seminar

The Berlin Behavioral Economics Seminar Series is a joint effort between DIW, ESMT, WZB, Humboldt University Berlin and Technical University Berlin with the aim of fostering the exchange between active researchers in the areas of behavioral and experimental economics. 
The 2017/18 winter semester series will be held at the DIW, Mohrenstr. 58, 10117 Berlin, Room Schumpeter, on Thursdays from 16:45-18:00 unless otherwise stated. Subscribe to the Google Calendar feed or download the ics-file for this seminar series.

Previous Events


When payoffs look like probabilities: Separating form and content in risky choice

Communication and behavior in organizations: An experiment

Strategic obfuscation and price fairness

Separating predicted randomness from noise

Moral decision costs when vote weight care unequal

The political economy of establishing credible agreements: Political settlements, incentives, and the configuration of deals

Rehabilitation and social behavior: Experiments in prison

A market for honesty: Fighting corruption in education

Incentives for conformity and disconformity

It takes two: Gender differences in group work

Implicit preferences inferred from choice

Interpreting Signals: Evidence from Medical Referrals

Probabilistic states versus multiple certainties: The obstacle of risk in contingent reasoning

Designing Incentives for Startup Teams: Form and Timing of Equity Contracting

Competition Promotes Helping Behavior via Indirect Reciprocity

The epistemology of confidence: On the difficulty of being both wrong and knowing it

Seeking and Interpreting Signals: An Experiment

Which Real Effort Task should I choose? An Experimental Comparison of Tasks and their Behavioral Effects

Turning up the heat: The demoralizing effect of competition in contests

Return on trust is lower for immigrants

Getting to the Top: Gender Quotas in Multistage Tournaments

Moral wiggle room and reciprocity

Equilibria in Transportation Games with Road Pricing

How to Boost Revenues in First-Price Auctions? The Magic of Disclosing Only Winning Bids from Past Auctions

Consistency and Stationarity of Individual Time Preferences

Measuring and Bounding Experimenter Demand

Concentration Bias in Intertemporal Choice

Unemployment and distributive preferences: Results from a longitudinal lab-in-the-field experiment

Equity versus Equality: Experimental Analysis of Justice Rules

Andrej Angelovski and Werner Güth (LUISS Guido Carli, Rome)

Voluntary cooperation in local public goods provision: An experimental study & (Sub) optimality and (non) optimal satisficing in a decision making experiment

Spatial advertising in political campaigns

Let's talk it over: In the long run sanctions are not necessary for self-governance

Sacrifice - An Experiment on the Political Economy of Extreme Intergroup Punishment