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BCCP Conference and Policy Forum 2019

June 21, 2019
WZB Reichpietschufer 50, Room A300 10785 Berlin

BCCP Conference and Policy Forum 2019

Topic:Regulatory Challenges in Digital Markets: the Rise of Corporate Power

This year’s conference focusses on the rise of corporate power with an emphasis on digital markets. A remarkable body of economic research has recently reported the global rise of markups across many markets and industries. The measurement of market power, the role of competition policy, and the potential need for regulatory intervention are core issues of the academic and policy discussion. These issues are particularly challenging in multi-sided digital platform industries with large players such as Amazon, Facebook, and Google, which are also under suspicion of increasing political power and influence. This conference brings together leading academics and policy makers to discuss the road ahead for improving institutions and markets to curb corporate power for the good of society.

Confirmed speakers
Jonathan Baker (American University)
Tomaso Duso (DIW Berlin and Technische Universität Berlin)
Jan Eeckhout (Universitat Pompeu Fabra Barcelona)
Amelia Fletcher (University of East Anglia)
Hans W. Friederiszick (E.CA Economics)
Matthew Gentzkow (Stanford University)
Stefan Hunt (UK Competition & Markets Authority, Chief Data and Digital Insights Officer)
Helen Margetts (University of Oxford)
Fiona Scott Morton (Yale University)
Paul Nemitz (Principal Advisor in Directorate-General Justice and Consumers of the European Commission)
Daniela Stockmann (Hertie School of Governance)